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TLC.com .Metrix 4.0 Beta1 released






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TLC.com .Metrix 4.0 Beta1
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Our final goal is to catch the history and growth curve of the source code. .Metrix has two main features. codehistory

How to use [History commenter]

One of main feature is code history commenter. In [TLC.com .Metrix Options], there are 4 types of code history keyword. tools option menu

Revising a code

1 If you'd like to revise your code, type ['&U] (by default) and hit enter. original revised

2 Then you get special comment clip. special clip

3 Put old source codes into the clip and commentize it then add new codes inside of the clip. move into clip

It will be revise mark for analyzer. In option setting, you can change a keyword for each comment type. Also you can change a comment string and start-end mark, too.

Reason for change

If you turn on [Ask the reason for each change] option, .Metrix asks you a reason of change automatically and add it into comment. reason dialog ckip with reason

Bug tracking

Bug mark helps you to log a bug.

If you would like to log a bug, just add bug mark after keyword (for example, ['&U@] will be bug fix revising). bug mark

How to use [History commenter]

Code analyzer analyzes your code's basic metrix.

Growth curve

It shows all code, code (body), comment and blank. Also it shows history of code change marked with history commenter. codehistory

Here is an example which is marked last commenter's example. There is 4 lines updated code. history example1 history example2

Bug tracking

Also it shows history of bug count marked with history commenter. bug count


Options are in [Analyzer] tab.
If you turn on [Analyze code on Build], .Metrix walk-through your code and save metrixes.
If you turn on [Ignore generated code], analyzer skips [.designer.vb] files.
If [Display report after build] is on, metrix report will be shown automatically.
At last, [Target date] filters a start point of history and bug count on next analyze.
analyze option

Additional function: [Code snippet]

[Use code snippet] provides simple method to resist and use a snippet.

Insert a code snippet

1 If you'd like to insert code snippet, type ['&S] (by default) and hit enter.

2 You can select which code should be inserted. Click [OK]. select snippet

3 Selected code snippet will be insert. code snippet

Add new code snippet

1 In [TLC.com .Metrix Options], click [Edit] button.

2 You can [Add], [Edit] and [Delete]. edit snippet

3 You should fill [Keyword] and [Code snippet] at least. code snippet editor

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